20 September 2006


I guess the hospitality of Houstonians has now taken a nasty turn.

Gun dealers in the Lone Star State are now encouraging Houstonians to take up arms against people they are calling "Katricians."

It's nice to see opportunistic Houstonians making a move to take back the city from outsiders. Here's an excerpt from the story:

"When the 'Katricians' themselves are quoted as saying the crime rate is gonna go up if they don't get more free rent, then it's time to get your concealed-handgun license," warns the radio ad by Jim Pruett, who co-hosts a bombastic talk-radio show and owns Jim Pruett's Guns & Ammo, a self-styled "anti-terrorist headquarters" that sells knives, shotguns, semi-automatic rifles and other weapons. As Pruett describes the dangers posed by "Katricians," glass can be heard shattering, and a bell tolling ominously.

I recognize that a lot of evacuees may be up to no good, but come on. I lived outside of Houston for six years. I was at least as concerned for my safety in their town as I was in New Orleans, before or after the hurricane.

How much longer will it be before "real" Houstonians begin striking back against known Louisianians who aren't evacuees? Maybe you can start tagging us when we reach Baytown, so that we'll be more identifiable to you.

Yep, Barbara. This is really working out well for them.


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