09 September 2006

ESPN Is Even Making Me Sick of Reggie Bush

Hey, ESPN. I'm starting to get the idea that you think that Reggie Bush is going to be good. I don't know why I'm thinking this. Maybe because you won't shut the Hell up about it.

If you watch SportsCenter or read any article on ESPN.com about Reggie Bush, you see two main recurring themes:

1. Reggie Bush is going to be the most exciting running back since Gale Sayers, and it's only a matter of time before he makes it into the Hall of Fame.
2. He is Michael Jordan to Mario Williams's Sam Bowie.

And he still hasn't played an NFL regular season game yet.

And he still hasn't beat out Deuce McAllister for the starting RB job.

And nobody is going to the Hall of Fame running behind this year's line.

Get a load of these comments from ESPN's week one preview:

  • I'm looking forward to the beginning of the Reggie Bush era in the NFL. It has been a long while since we've seen a rookie enter the league with this type of hype about the kind of impact he can make on the league, and that's including when Michael Vick came into the league. The only thing is, I can't really call it hype because we all know just how special Bush is going to be.
  • Despite his being in the same backfield as Deuce McAllister, I'm picking Bush to be the Offensive Rookie of the Year. People are expecting Bush not only to save a franchise that has been moribund in recent years both on and off the field but to help a city that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina last year.
  • Mix that in with the chip on his shoulder the Houston Texans placed there by not taking him No. 1 overall, and your heart starts beating fast just waiting for his first play from scrimmage this weekend against the Browns.
Know what else is interesting about these comments? They come from Eric Allen. Yes, that joke of a player who didn't do a damn thing for all the all of the money he took from the Saints.

I'm a big Reggie Bush fan. I think (or at least hope) he's going to be a great player. Only 3 other players in Saints history (in my opinion) have had such an anticipated debut among Saints fans as you are going to have: Archie Manning, George Rogers and Ricky Williams.

But ESPN really needs to shut the f#*k up about him.

Why does ESPN have to ruin everything? Why can't the network show any restraint and moderation in anything it considers important. Look at the network's track record:

  • ESPN thinks T.O. is important. Therefore, America needs daily updates on his hamstring.
  • ESPN thinks Roger Clemens is important. Therefore, America wants pitch-by-pitch anlysis of his training starts in single-A.
  • ESPN thinks Brett Favre is important. Therefore, America wants daily off-season updates on whether he has retired yet.
  • ESPN thinks USC is important. Therefore, the 2005 team is the greatest team in the history of college football--even though it didn't even win the national championship (and I won't even mention 2003).
  • ESPN thinks Danica Patrick is important. Therefore, America wants to know that she finished 11th in EVERY SINGLE RACE she enters (she has never won a race, but ESPN has made her a legend).
  • ESPN thinks Michele Wie is important. Therefore, we need analysis of every single time she doesn't qualify for a men's tournament.
  • ESPN thinks Tiger Woods is important. Well, he really is that good. Bad example.

Well, I think you get the point.

Please don't do this with Reggie Bush. We appreciate the Saints getting more exposure and visibility because Reggie Bush is on our team. Just relax. Please.

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