30 August 2006

South Claiborne/South Carrollton Walgreens AND Robert Fresh Market Re-development

A good thing happened last week in post-KTMB New Orleans. Team Walgreen's (the corporation, developer, and legal representation) has agreed to submit a pharmacy/grocery store site plan that meets the criteria of the Carrollton Avenue Overlay Zone at the old Canal Villerie/K&B site on the northwest corner of the South Carrollton/South Claiborne Avenue intersection. Additionally, they have agreed to work in good faith with the city and the neighborhood citizens to arrive at a legal, aesthetic, and appropriate design solution all parties will be happy with. About a month ago, Team Walgreen's stated adamantly they had absolutely no intentions of going back to the drawing board on their design. Fortunately, they have re-evaluated that stance. A win-win solution is perhaps now in sight.

Check out the Northwest Carrollton Neighborhood site for the scoop on this breakthrough after several months of stalemate. These guys, along with Ms. Midura and her staff, have worked tirelessly to make it happen. The transformation of this corner, along with the realization of the grand potential of Palmer Park across the street, can be symbolic in the rebirth and recovery of our New Orleans . . .

TAGS: Katrina, New Orleans, NOLA, Walgreens, Shelley Midura, Carrollton, Urban Planning


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