02 September 2006

The First Round of the Saints Final Cuts

Both Colby Bockwoldt and Jay Foreman were cut. I said in my previous post that I suspected that the Bockwoldt cut was coming. I am absolutely floored that E.J. Kuale has apparently made it. They don't have enough linebackers to cut any more.

Zach Hilton was cut too. You really saw that one coming if you paid attention. That is going to screw a ton of fantasy footballers (including the guy in my own league who drafted him early).

The rest are no surprises. Josh Lay is probably the biggest surprise, but he looked like the second coming of Milton Mack last night.

Adrian McPherson got cut too, but he was a victim of the Tennessee mascot. You knew it would happen after that. Talk about being screwed--HARD.

The full list (along with McPherson) is here.

More cuts are still coming. Not all have been announced.

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