08 September 2006

LSU's Latest Commitment

I know we don't talk about LSU so much in this forum, mainly because the school's not in New Orleans. But many of us are fans and/or alumni. For the record, I'm both. So indulge me for a minute, and don't turn this into a LSU/Tulane/ULL (or whatever they want to go by)/UNO debate.

At some point, I got myself on the mailing list for LSU at scout.com. As a result, these guys e-mail me every time LSU gets a new verbal commitment.

I got one of these e-mails an hour ago. So I automatically get excited. Maybe Luther Davis from West Monroe is picking LSU after all. Or maybe Joe McKnight shocked everybody and picked the Tigers.

Well imagine my disappointment when I click on the link, and I discover it's a basketball commitment. I'm not disappointed because I don't think LSU basketball isn't important; I expected it to be a football commitment because we're in the middle of football season.

But then I start to think, cool. We just got a guard. We need guards. Darrel Mitchell is gone, I don't trust Tack Minor, and Ben Voogd sucks. And then I look closer.

This guy is a member of the high school class of 2009.

It's 2006.

LSU just got a verbal commitment from a guy who can't be much older than 14. This guy is a couple of weeks into his HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORE season.

Jesus H. Christ. I knew basketball recruiting was shady, but good Lord. It's even worse than college football apparently.

Now I'm not saying IN ANY WAY that LSU is doing anything wrong. If you want to have a good team, and other teams are targeting your guy, you need to get to him before they do.

But this guy is freakin' 14 or 15 years old (I assume).

Why do I get the feeling that A) this guy will commit to about 5 other schools before he graduates from high school, or B) this guy is playing one season at LSU and then going pro?

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At September 09, 2006 8:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is in Louisiana He may be 29


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