01 November 2005


The 1 November 2005 edition of GAMBIT WEEKLY marks the return of the New Orleans weekly paper since KTMB graced us. I picked up a copy at the "Metairie Taq" today at lunch. In GW's political commentary section, Clancy Dubos echoed what he's said on air several times in the past month of Mayor Nagin's inability to listen to anyone. I appreciate C. Ray's honesty and openness in his presentation, but as a politician at times he seems to have as much PR savvy as Tom Benson--and thats no compliment. As mayor he cannot just start rattling off comments and ideas on a whim without thinking of the repercussions. Perfect examples of this are the Downtown casino district idea and the "we want the team, but not the owner" thing at the reopening of Cafe du Monde. You don't say everything you may think is a good idea at the time, Jeez. You let people typing stuff into a blog do that. LINK


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