27 October 2005

A Rite-Aid Rail

The Rite-Aid on Oak Street/South Carrollton Avenue remains shuttered KTMB +59. Some credit to them: Rite-Aid has opened some New Orleans and suburban stores including the nearest one to the Oak Street one on Broadway/St. Charles Avenue. Also the Oak Street store was broken into with the aid of a forklift immediately post-Katrina, so obviously thats an issue. Pennsylvania-based Rite-Aid of course purchased the iconic New Orleans/Gulf Coast drugstore chain K&B back in the late 1990's. In my opinion and I'd think most other New Orleanians the Rite-Aid corporation has mangaged to take a guarenteed purple cash cow and run it directly into the ground, crash and burn. Rite-Aid could have left the K&B name regionally, but no. Rite-Aid stated they wouldn't close any stores once they took over, but they did. So there were five or six K&B's on St. Charles alone--so what. The point of this post: I'd bet the farm that if K&B was still around, that Oak Street store would now be open.


At November 11, 2005 8:44 AM, Anonymous Zignatius said...

I truly miss K&B. Back in college days I used my parent's credit card to buy booze at the one on Broadway and ST. Charles. The card had been meant for medicine, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. They never checked my ID. I miss the purple signs.


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