31 October 2005

Sabotage Our Saints

Loyalty: 61,000 fans and a guy purposely wearing a #19 Guido Merkens jersey.

I generally don't agree with any of BayouBuzz's Jeff Crouere's opinions on anything pre or post KTMB, however I think his piece on yesterday's first Saints game in Baton Rouge accurately sums it up. LINK.

Getting into the game was a complete fustercluck. Luckily, I got my tickets via FedEx during the week last week--of course they botched the address on their first attempt to get to me. (The botch: they put the proper street address but had San Antonio for the city and ZIP code.) Having the tickets in hand I didn't have to mess with the will call line (see link) where the real fun was--and where some frustrated people gave up and went home. Despite missing out on that fun, it still took approximately 30 minutes to get into the stadium because of minimal entrance points and minimal staffing at the gate. There were separated security searches by gender--a male line and a female line--which I have never seen in the post-11 September world at either Tiger Stadium or the Louisiana Superdome. Despite getting to the gate in what would normally be an adequate time before kickoff, the 1st quarter was more than half over by the time my group got to our seats. The response to all of this by the remaining New Orleans Saints "yes" men officials: "We didn't expect this many people."

UPDATE: Saints ticket official Mike Feder offers an explanation for the confusion in this discussion with Garland Robinette of WWL 870. LINK

UPDATE 2: There is no way the Saints situation will not be kicked around on this site. Unfortuanately for me and my memories, part of my family tradition in New Orleans has involved going to Saints games--lots and lots of Saints games. I discovered a blog, aptly named saintsdoggle which was started pre-KTMB but whose writer is doing an excellent job referencing the various articles and pieces written by various media about the situation post-KTMB, as well as offering his own comment. Check it out--its really well done. LINK

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