28 October 2005

Photo du Jour: Jefferson Avenue, 9 October 2005

A drive down Jefferson Avenue shows the complete range of damage the floodwaters caused by KTMB from no flood damage at all to complete devestation. Everything riverside of St. Charles Avenue almost looks pre-KTMB minus the refrigerators and landscape debris. At about Isadore Newman School the stuff on the side of the street begins to include bags of flooded-out clothes, books, etc. and furniture. Generally speaking, these blocks suffered minimal flood damage mostly in "basements" (on the ground level) of raised houses. Near Freret Street the damage shifts towards major flooding with the above mentioned refuse and then the piles and piles and gutted sheetrock. Since it hasn't rained in so long many of the streets in this area and on the lakeside of South Claiborne Avenue (in Fountainbleu/Broadmoor) are covered in a fine layer of white dust created from the gutted sheetrock.


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