15 November 2005

Photo du Jour: Ted's Frostop

Saturday afternoon I made it over to the commerical district at South Claiborne Avenue and Calhoun Street (and South Miro Street) across from Tulane University. There is a mix of businesses in this area including several restaraunts, a bar, a cleaners, and a strip shopping center with a Circle K and Blockbuster Video. The flood line on the walls here reaches two to three feet. What I saw in this area was encouraging: the interiors of most of the businesses have been gutted and some have already hung new sheetrock. Bud's Broiler, Mona's, Ted's Frostop, Bayou Bagelry, Papa John's, the strip shopping center, the cleaners, and Robert's Bar are in the reconstruction phase now. Robert's Bar especially seemed to be moving along really well. I look forward to drinking my first shot glass-like beer there when they re-open. Some of the other establishments like Kokapelli's remain in the clean-up phase a bit behind the other places. Later in the day, I stopped by Five Happiness on South Carrollton. The interior there has been completely cleared out and the owner intends to be open within five months.


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