09 November 2005

Blessing or Disaster in the Making

Just read this from Nola.com :

WASHINGTON -- A Maryland congressman is urging his fellow Democrats to hold the party's 2008 presidential nominating convention in New Orleans as a signal of national support for the city after its devastating losses from Hurricane Katrina.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., made the suggestion after party officials announced that their 2008 convention will be held Aug. 25-28. Declaring New Orleans as the host city for the party's national convention, Cummings said, would demonstrate to its residents that the city "has not been forgotten."

I thought this was a great idea until I saw the dates of the convention, smack in the middle of Hurricane Season and ending on the eve of the anniversary of the Katrina disaster. The is either a blessing or a disaster in the making. Republican Bobby Jindal is considering the same thing for the Republican Convention which was last held in New Orleans in 1988 without a hurricane incident.


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