14 November 2005

Build It and They Will Come . . .

Let me start by saying I am just writing this off the cuff and I know that the Saints will win the Superbowl before it happens.

Lets just build the freakin' levees. Everyone keeps asking when is the federal government going to realize how valuable we are and pay for our levees. All we need is 14 billion over 10 years is what they say. I say we build them ourselves. 14 billion dollars over 10 years equates to 700 dollars per household in Louisiana per year for 10 years. (based on roughly 2 million households in the state) that's a lot for some people you may say. Yes, it is. Consideration would be given to that. Include corporations in the mix and individual household responsibility would go down. There are options..................This is possible if we make it happen. How bad do we really want it? Desperate times call for desperate measures...........I'd write my first check today.


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