28 August 2006

Recipe for Jack Crevalle

The Jack Crevalle or Jackfish, as it is more widely known here in Louisiana, is known for its fierce fighting ability. What it is not known for is being good table fare. I read a post this morning on a local fishing report website that was inquireing about good recipes for Jackfish. This is the response he got. If any of you are familiar with Jackfish, you'll get a kick out of this.

Filet the jack fish and season it with salt and pepper.
Place the fish on an oak plank.
Bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.
Remove the plank from the oven.
Discard the fish and eat the plank.

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At August 28, 2006 10:40 PM, Blogger Zihuatanejo said...

I like that.

here is what I have been talking about. I am sure you will find it interesting, IF you have not already seen it.

Review Roundtable: is New Orleans a Resilient City?; The Resilient City: How Modern Cities Recover from Disaster; Discussion

"The panel did not agree on whether New Orleans is a resilient city. They predicted the new city would resemble more than differ from the old New Orleans, and would probably have more Latino residents thanformerly. Their conclusions were based on many of the unique characteristics of New Orleans including:
* its politics; (Burby refers to Banfield and Wilson's 1963 distinction between a "public regarding ethos" that strives for good government, efficient administration, and nonpartisanship for the good of the whole community, and a "private regarding ethos" that stresses personal gains obtained through individual favors and advantageous policy [City Politics, Harvard University Press].)
* its insular culture and impenetrable elite;
* multigenerational social ties;
* the city's slow growth and lack of immigrant populations;
* an economy based on tourism that provides mostly low-wage jobs;
* the fragility of its ecology; and
* the city's iconic status.
The panel felt that New Orleans may not have been the worst place Katrina could have hit. Despite its ecological sensitivity, the city's strong social ties, insular culture, and iconic nature may allow itto recover. But these same traits may hinder opportunities for real reform.
To enable both reform and recovery to be successful, the panel observed that rebuilding the city's human and social dimensions must precede physical rebuilding, though it is difficult to separate the two.They favored empowering all residents through the political process,teaching lower-income residents skills that would be useful both during and after reconstruction, and taking steps to prevent a future disaster."

Review Roundtable: is New Orleans a Resilient City?; The Resilient City: How Modern Cities Recover from Disaster; Discussion

I guess the answer is unwritten Is ip to you but I too believe we have to restore democracy first.

At February 04, 2009 11:52 AM, Blogger Varela said...

Hello, we caught a lot of Jackfish past sunday (feb 1) in the San Lucas Island, close to Puntarenas, Costa Rica, The trick for jackfish:
-Do not eat the skin
-After catch him, pierce a knife through its throat from side to side and drain its blood while washing it with sea water. If blood is left the meat would get stained and darken: not edible. But if you do that, it would have the consistency of tuna and a nice flavor if salted and peppered. Try it grilled.

At April 25, 2011 6:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This past weekend I caught a nice size crevalle. Having never eaten it I started to search for a good way to cook it. Everyone said it wasn't worth it so I quit looking. I was determined to try a fish everyone said was disgusting. I didn't bleed it right away so the meat darkened I descaled it and cut into steaks beer battered and fried it with the skin on. Honestly I hope people keep throwin em back. More for me. It was one of the best fishes I've eaten in awhile. So if its nasty maybe u should take a basic culinary class and try again. During ww2 grouper was considered a trash fish and people would get mad and throw em back. Now its one of the best fish to eat.


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