13 August 2006

The Sean Payton Era Begins . . . with a Preseason Victory

Lots of pacing on the sideline for Sean Payton. I am still trying to determine who Payton looks like in the spirit of this.

Drew Brees went 5 for 9 for 60 yards in 1 1/2 quarters of action.

Deuce didn't play in the preseason opener. The Saints have brought back the Louisiana map logo last seen in the early 1990's. It really surprised me they didn't go for a new Gulf Coast map logo embracing an even more regional approach . . . Nice rock, Deuce.

Reggie Bush after his first "touch" as a Saint--a dump pass up the middle from Brees for a one yard gain.

On a 3rd and 4 situation, Reggie Bush turned a 4 yard loss stuff to the left into a 44 yard gain to the right in one impressive run ending with the pounding of a Tennessee defensive back. Thanks Houston.


At August 14, 2006 9:32 AM, Anonymous ashley said...

Hmmm...nice to see the Louisiana logo. You think maybe somebody read me complaining about it and decided to do something?

Probably not, but nice to see anyway.

At August 21, 2006 9:02 AM, Blogger dillyberto said...

Strap on your beer helmet.

We're on for some action tonight.


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