11 August 2006

National Geographic, October 2004: Gone With The Water

I vaguely recall the October 2004 National Geographic article entitled "Gone With The Water" when it came out. The piece is about the disappearing Louisiana wetlands and starts off with a fictional major storm wiping out the Louisiana coastline and New Orleans. The predictions for the City of New Orleans sound familiar, but actually are more severe than the reality that took place nearly a year ago. National Geographic has an audio podcast with the author Joel Bourne, Jr reading the article which I stumbled across the other day using iTunes. It gives a good overview of the why the Louisiana coastline is rapidly disappearing. The article is also available as text, but I'd suggest listening to the podcast of his reading instead . . .

Interested in what our some of our fellow American's think of us and our city "in our part of the world" and the opinion New Orleans has to contend with? Browse the current August 2006 National Geographic Forum.

The latest brilliant entry at the time of this posting:

Name:Libert O'Sullivan
Date/Time:August 11, 2006 6:15 AM

Anyone who does not insure their property (especially their primary domicile) against loss is a fool. Anyone who lives in a hole, 20 ft below sea level next to the ocean with or without insurance is an idiot. Do not ask to spend my hard earned tax dollars to pay for other peoples years of buffoonery. Period.

Caring. Compassionate. A fellow American . . . .

And oh yes, so now the City of New Orleans rests 20 feet below sea level--as if the oft-quoted 10 feet below wasn't wrong enough. I think I've scientifically disproved that one in the past--with maps. Mr. O'Sulivan, don't bother yourself with factual reality. Oh, and another thing--turns out Orleans and Jefferson Parishes have among the highest participation percentage in the National Flood Insurance Program of all counties in the country. Don't concern yourself this. Just speak with rhetoric. It is easier than actually taking the time to make sure you know what you're talking about.

Other postings on the forum are similar . . . . . Oy vey.

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