17 May 2006

City of New Orleans Mayoral Runoff Election Endorsements

All four major New Orleans print media groups have endorsed Mitch Landrieu for New Orleans Mayor over incumbent C. Ray Nagin. Each endorsement can be read at the below links:

The Times-Picayune
The gap between the mayor's vision and his ability to execute has only grown since Katrina. His Bring New Orleans Back Commission crafted a nuanced proposal to guide the rebuilding of the city, but the mayor failed to embrace its most important provisions. New Orleanians want answers, but Mr. Nagin has left many people scratching their heads.

Gambit Weekly
We endorse Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu because he has the skill sets that New Orleans needs to get its recovery moving faster and in the right direction. He has years of political experience, yet solid credentials as a reformer.

The Louisiana Weekly
However, in the months since the storm, justified or unjustified, Ray Nagin has built a reputation nationally that inspires humor and contempt rather than the compassion this city needs to rebuild.

New Orleans CityBusiness
Our next mayor, should another catastrophic event happen, must have good instincts and good advisers to manage the crisis. This is the other point of separation between the mayor and the lieutenant governor. Our mayor has decent instincts but he has come up short in his ability to assemble a competent team of advisers.

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