17 May 2006

Yet Another Fire: Orange Street Wharf in the Lower Garden District

Yet another fire (currently ongoing) in the city. WWL TV reports the Orange Street Wharf is ablaze and the smoke can be seen as far away as the Northshore. Overhead water dumps using helicopters are being used to help put out the fire.

FYI: The wharf is one of the ones always coveted and long-term planned to be re-developed to greenspace/multi-use (residential/commerical).

Live Streaming of the fire from WWL.

Live Streaming of the fire from nola.com.


At May 17, 2006 1:31 PM, Blogger John Blutarsky said...

Update from NOLA.com:

The fire began this morning at the Orange Street Wharf and extended to the Market Street Wharf, both of which were in the process of being torn down by private contractor The Trust for Public Land, said port spokesperson Chris Bonura. Once torn down, the area is supposed to be the site of parks and a meditation area, he said.

The contractor had been issued a “hot permit,” which allowed them to use torches to help tear down the structures, Bonura said. He was unsure exactly which instruments workers were using there this morning.


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