27 April 2006

2006 Jazzfest Tickets: Stick It To the Man

I just returned from the New Orleans Arena box office enjoying my last time to "stick it to the man" by buying non-Ticketmaster ridiculous surcharged tickets to Jazzfest. The Arena box office price per ticket is USD 32.00 if purchasing with cash and USD 32.90 if purchasing with a credit card. You have to specify Weekend 1 or Weekend 2 which requires some degree of planning of who you want to see or not see at Jazzfest. They had three ticket windows open and I didn't have to wait in line but a steady stream of people was coming in. The price of individual tickets at the Fairgrounds on fair day are USD 40.00. That extra eight bucks will get you two and a half beers (assuming they haven't gone up in price for 2006), two extra crawfish breads, one poulet fricasse, jama-jama, and fried plantains, or one more order of Vietnamese spring rolls and pork, chicken, or shrimp vermicelli.

I parked in the street (Sugar Bowl Drive) right in front of the box office door which didn't seem to be a problem. Today is the last day to get this deal . . . I think the box office closes at 4:30pm.

By the way--is this ideal Jazzfest weather or what? There is a coolness to the air and a deep blue sky. As I sit here in my office cave, I have WWOZ on setting the mood for Weekend One. If you're in town, tune your radio to 90.7fm--or elsewhere listen online here.


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