23 April 2006

2006 City of New Orleans Mayoral Primary Election Final Results

2006 City of New Orleans Mayoral Primary Election Final Results:
Secretary of State Database

UPDATE 23 APRIL 2006: Redone--numbers posted last night weren't the final ones as I thought they were.

x-C. Ray Nagin 41,489 (38%)
x-Mitch Landrieu 31,499 (29%)
Ron Forman 18,734 (17%)
Rob Couhig 10,287 (10%)
Virginia Boulet 2,367 (2%)
Tom Watson 1,264 (1%)
Others* 1,247 (1%)
Kimberly Williamson Bulter 793 (less than 1%)
y-Peggy Wilson 772 (less than 1%)

*-Johnny Adriani, James Arey, F. Nick Bacque', Elvin Brown, Manny Bruno, Roderick Dean, Sonja DeDais, Marie Galatas, Greta Gladney, James Lemann, Mac Rahman, Norbert Rome, Leo Watermeirer, and Shedrick White.

x-denotes Runoff Candidates (20 May 2006)
y-damn, she ran even worse than I thought she would.

Total Votes Cast: 108,153
(134,000 cast in 2002 Primary)


At April 23, 2006 1:57 AM, Anonymous ashley said...

Mr. Fair, I believe you had the over on the 3% over/under on Peggy.

I had the under.

You're buying.

Hell, Krazy Kim got more votes than Peggy.

At April 23, 2006 8:24 AM, Blogger Seymour D. Fair said...


You are correct, sir. Drinks on me.

Damn, KK did get more.


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