22 April 2006

Mayor's Election: The Irony Should Not Be Lost

I'm posting this message while reading election results on the Internet. It's looking like Landrieu & Nagin are in a runoff, unless Forman's early numbers aren't a fluke.

I just thought I'd make the following comment, because I haven't heard a lot of people mentioning it. If people are talking about this already in New Orleans, I apologize (it's definitely not being discussed nationally).

For all this time, we talked about how things need to be "different." We can't have "business as usual" anymore. We need "new blood." We need to "send a message." So we get our chance and what happens?

We're on the verge of a runoff between the incumbent mayor and the son of a former mayor.


At April 22, 2006 10:04 PM, Blogger Mr. Clio said...

I'm in Atlanta checking the results online (be back in NOLA tomorrow a.m.). I'm depressed. IQ candidates are getting their asses kicked, Gill Pratt in the lead, Nagin in the lead, Morrell and Lewis mopping up.

Mr. Clio is not happy.

At April 22, 2006 11:53 PM, Blogger JasonSpalding said...

Elect Nagin to spite those that stay in New Orleans?


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