08 March 2006

Shouldn't 2/3rds the Damage Deserve 2/3rds of the Federal Recovery Funds?

Today's Times-Picayune features this pie chart illustrating the percentage of Gulf Coast homes with major or severe damage from KTMB and RTMB. Overwhelmingly, the amount of effected Louisiana homes over tripled the amount on the heavily damaged Mississippi Coast. I don't deny the other states were impacted by these storms and are entitled to federal recovery money, but certainly these funds should be fairly distributed with Louisiana receiving the most as we've been impacted the most. But is that going to happen? Of course not . . .

Here's the story from the Times-Picayune. Naturally, Mississippi Gov. Haley "Mr. Lobby" Barbour disagress with the above numbers . . . .

From the article--on the federal money going specifically to Louisiana housing:

"We have never done state-specific earmarks for disasters," committee spokesman John Scofield said.

Well, Mr. Scofield, I don't think the United States has ever had a disaster--and a mostly manmade one in the case of the City of New Orleans--like this before. Time to reconsider the way things are to be done when an unprecedented thing happens. You know, adapting to the situation . . .

Then comes the kicker:

The move coincides with a stepped-up campaign by the state of Texas to get a larger share of hurricane money than it has received in the past. With five members of the House committee from Texas, the state has far more clout than Louisiana, which is represented on the panel only by Rep. Rodney Alexander, R-Quitman.

And meanwhile, New Orleans continues it's slow painful death.


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Seemingly lopsided funding is weakening Gov. Blanco, and is tapping some inbred inferiority complex on the part of New Orleanians.


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