07 March 2006

The NEW ORLEANS Hornets Arrive in New Orleans

As I came off of the Bonne Carre Spillway I-10 Bridge returning back to NOLA from a Baton Rouge meeting this afternoon, up ahead I noticed the New Orleans Hornets team plane on final approach to the north/south runway at Louis Armstrong. I exited I-10 at Loyola and drove over to the general aviation area at the north end of MSY and got there just in time to see the team/staff de-plane. Tomorrow night of course the Hornets play their first of three games back in New Orleans against the Los Angeles Lakers.

It is interesting how Tom Benson and George Shinn have flip-flopped in their positions regarding their team's futures in New Orleans in the past few months. Those in Charlotte are now doing the "I told you so" bit. I'd hope the Hornets would stay in New Orleans, but let's be honest: of the two teams which has more significance and unquestionably more important to this place? One playoff victory in those 38 years and the New Orleans Saints' fan loyalty is unmatched. The near indifference about the Hornets future in New Orleans is not so much the Hornets particularly (although last year's Dan Dickau disaster of a season didn't help), it's the boring, overpaid, overhyped NBA itself . . .

I do plan to go overpay and be bored and get overhyped for at least one of the NEW ORLEANS Hornets games in the New Orleans Arena if not two of them.


At March 07, 2006 10:17 PM, Blogger Mr. Clio said...

Awesome work! I'll be there for all three games, the result of a Christmas present to my 11-year-old. Trust me: this is fatherly love, because I'd rather be doing about 25 other things. I'd skip anything, ANYTHING, to go to a Saints game. The Hornets? Pshh.
Shinn and Coach Scott have been disgusting of late. They probably eat at Ruth's Chris on a regular basis.

At March 07, 2006 10:23 PM, Blogger Mr. Clio said...

Also, I just remembered that Dubya is coming to NOLA tomorrow.

Shinn and Dubya in New Orleans at the same time? The place may implode. Expect numerous levee breaches.


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