03 March 2006

Kimberly Williamson Butler Running for New Orleans Mayor: What, What, What?????

UPDATE 13 March 2006: Here's a new post on Kimberly Williamson Butler.

I was running an errand just now and heard on the radio that Kimberly Williamson Butler has qualified for the Mayor's Race. You may already know this, but I've been face down in work today (being two days post-Mardi Gras). For a moment I thought I was hearing things or had traveled to bizzaro world. Unfortunately an article on nola.com proved my hearing is just fine.

Butler qualifies for Mayor capping a week of bizarre events which included ducking the law, Criminal District Court Clerk Kimberly Williamson Butler on Friday qualified to run for mayor against her former boss, Mayor Ray Nagin. Butler’s latest move came shortly after she finally appeared in court, after several days of dodging an arrest warrant for contempt of court issued by the judges she is elected to serve. On Friday, Chief Judge Calvin Johnson said the arrest warrant had been vacated and a contempt hearing scheduled for Monday. From the bench, Johnson scolded Butler loudly for her defiance. In an interview, Johnson said judges could still decide on Monday to put her in jail for her contempt. It was the second time this week Butler has filed qualifying papers. The first was to run for re-election for her current post. But in brief comments to television reporters outside the courthouse, Butler made clear she’s running for mayor. State law forbids candidates to run for more than one office unless one of them is membership on a political party committee. If no one challenges Butler’s multipule candidacyies or if she does not withdraw from one of the races within seven days after the qualifying period ends today, the law says she would automatically qualify for mayor— the last position for which she signed up. Butler formerly served as Chief Administrative Officer to Nagin in a stint that ended in a nasty breakup. After her departure, she sued Nagin and several of his top male staffers for discrimination. The suit was thrown out of federal court.

I cannot imagine what would happen to New Orleans if she were elected? I feel very confident in saying it wont' happen. As we all know she was unable to handle her primresponsibilityilty of delivering voting machines to various polling placing in her previous position. How in anyone's name would she be able to rebuild a city?


At March 03, 2006 4:11 PM, Blogger dillyberto said...

Williamson Butler knows that she will get a minimum of 5000 from whoever is in the runoff to give her support. This number could be larger depending on how many votes she garners in the first vote.

Surprising? Yes.
It's enough to make you think about a drink during Lent.

At March 10, 2006 5:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was fired in Feb. 2004 after running elections for 26 years and watched in horror to what happened in September. After working with?? her for 2 1/2 months, I saw the bizarre behavior and her unwillingness to "do the right thing" as she ignored accounting procedures, even after I advised her of what was required. I was fired that afternoon. Lying seems to come to her naturally.
I've already decided if the electorate in this city makes her our next mayor, my house will go up for sale and I will relocate, even it it's only to the North Shore or Baton Rouge. We will all be doomed for failure.


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