26 February 2006

Bienvenido a Nueva Orleans/Dimanche Gras

Los Poseedores del Fuego . . . as seen on Thursday night during Chaos.

I have been sorta consumed with the festivities and with several out-of-town guests staying at my house. These are good friends that come down year after year and MG2k6 was not going to be an exception for them.

Plenty of pictures and comments to come . . .

After a week of nasty, overcast weather, today looks to be ideal--not a cloud in the sky. Five parades today since Endymion rescheduled from last night.

Thoth's Henry Clay/Magazine Street lagniappe route has been eliminated for today. I noticed a posted petition at St. Joe's Bar last night requesting the full route to run citing "loss of business" concerns to the businesses situated on Magazine. I wish the lagniappe route could be run, but this is Mardi Gras season of compromise. Most members of Thoth I know are sympathetic to the City's law enforcement/safety challenges and although they are disappointed by this change (25 less blocks of "ride" time) most are understanding of it.

Bacchus and then Endymion should be interesting . . .


At March 01, 2006 4:28 PM, Blogger Schroeder said...

I thought that was very interesting -- the hispanic flambeaux -- something I've never seen before, but perhaps a sign of the changing demographics of the city with all the new workers in town.


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