23 February 2006

Endymion to Start at 3:30pm. WTF?

Bands were in short supply the first Weekend and parades (such as the Krewe of Carrollton seen above) went by surprisingly fast.

Endymion's start time has been set at 3:30pm on Saturday. For those of us that traditionally catch the parade in the beginning, this means that we will see most of the parade in the sunlight totally missing the wonderful light show that Endymion usually wows us with. And with previous parades passing by quicker than Jeff Gordon on a NASCAR track because they have fewer bands and less stops, Endymion could very well pass by before the sun even sets. I suspect if the start time was influenced by the NOPD so they wouldn't have to be on the route for so long. But, couldn't they just have started all of the Saturday parades a couple of hours later? Whatever the case, it wont be the same for those of us at the beginning of the route. And for those of you that must see it at night, I suggest catching Endymion further down the route either in the Garden District or to be totally safe catch it in the CBD.


At February 23, 2006 12:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I rode Endy the last time they rolled the Uptown route. Our tractor hitch had to be re-welded in the port, and we ended up in the dome on Sunday, actually.

Endymion rarely rolls on time and Ed Muniz can't find his way out of a wet paper bag - so I'd say, you're probably still safely looking at a long Endy filled with random stops and breakdowns.


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