05 December 2005

South Louisiana Post-Katrina Fishing

Yes, those would be a school of Redfish in a feeding freenzy.

I was asked to do a post on the fishing in south Louisiana Post Katrina. As it is a large part of the culture of the area and also an economic driver, I think it is important. Unlike some other things we have discussed, the news is good.

In a word, fishing has been spectacular. From Delacroix to Venice to Cocodrie to Lake Charles reports have been stellar. Lots of fish and they are all hungry. Whatever the reason, its good news for the state and all of its fisherman.

The infrastructure damage (marinas, bait shops, lodges, guide boats, etc.) makes it difficult to go fishing right now, but its not impossible. The marinas and bait shops will come back to service the needs of the fisherman because as long as we have the fish people will want to go catch them.

Confidence is high which is good since I have "hitched my career wagon" to the recreational fishing industry.

There is much more to this story. I'll post on the commercial fishing industry later as well as coastal restoration efforts which are just as important to fishing as they are to hurricane protection.


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