29 November 2005

Photo du Jour: Galatoire's . . . a la Baton Rouge

How disturbing is this picture? Galatoire's has opened a location in Baton Rouge--in where else but a strip mall. Actually, the location isn't in Baton Rouge, its in unincorported East Baton Rouge Parish near the Country Club of Louisiana off of Highland/Perkins Roads. Everything about the location and building is the antithesis of Galatoire's. But I guess you just throw up a bunch of mirrors in the place and serve shrimp remoulade and the amandine dishes and it'll all work itself out, right?

Ya, ya--they were looking into opening a Baton Rouge location before KTMB and as the line goes KTMB just hastened their decision to go ahead and green light The Stick. Might as well give Baton Rougeans one more reason to avoid New Orleans like the plague. Galatoire's on Bourbon is to reopen on New Year's Day.


At December 20, 2005 2:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm from Baton Rouge and glad to have Galatoire's here! I still plan to go to New Orleans often and will be there to shop & support the economy there - but don't make this an us against them thing. Louisianians need to all stick together.

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