01 December 2005

Photo du Jour: Halliburton Stands With Louisiana

Halliburton is good. Halliburton is helping us. Halliburton makes our continued existence possible. Repeat ten times, citizen.

Yep, they are standing right there with us in our time of need as long as that steady stream of no-bid, cost-plus contracts just keep on rolling in. Paying workers (i.e. serfs or siervos) a decent wage to do the cleaning? What? No problem--Indefinitely suspend the Davis-Bacon Act. You know, there is just so much work to do on the Gulf Coast and we can't be bothered with such things as "prevailing wages." Illegal aliens? ¿Qué extranjeros ilegales?

Ok, I'll stop. This piece of work is located on I-10 (seen if traveling westbound from Nuevo Orleans towards Palo Rojo) at the LA 30 exit in Gonzales.


At December 02, 2005 10:38 AM, Anonymous Ignatius said...

The billboard in translation means: Bend Over Sucker - Halliburton Stands Behind You.


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