23 November 2005

CBS 60 MINUTES and the So Called Experts

I wasn't going to address the CBS 60 MINUTES thing because I didn't want to waste any time responding to such drivel but, I can't stand it. First 60 MINUTES .......

It is obvious 60 MINUTES aired it because it was a far out opinion not because "they wanted to present a side of the story that hadn't been heard." Experts in the coastal evnvironments have never heard of Dr. Kusky. The only thing he has ever written on the subject was an OP/ED in The Boston Globe that Donald Boesch (native New Orleanian and President of Coastal Studies at the University of Maryland) said "reads like an undergraduate paper". It is very disappointing that 60 MINUTES would use and "expert" that so clearly has little expertise in the area he is talking about.

What about Dr. Kusky's opinion? Abandon New Orleans? Has he thought about this at all?

Does he think that everyone should move from coastal California too? It is possible it could fall into the Pacific. What about Florida? They will continue to get hammered by hurricanes. I think Mr. Kusky should seriously consider moving from St. Louis. As a geologist he knows about the New Madrid Fault. It's predicted they will have a major earthquake within 50 years. That could change the course of the river and screw the whole Mississippi Valley. While were at it let's just evenly spread out our population over the entire lower 48. That would lessen the impact of another terror attack....................in short its ridiculous. The location of New Orleans is unfortunate but necessary. It is necessary economically, politically and strategically.

How would Dr. Kusky feel about it if he was told he had to move from his home? Probably not that big a deal to him. Most other places are just places to live, not very different from any other. New Orleans is a home. That is one of the many things that makes it special. As Chris Rose wrote in the TP yesterday "the longer you live in N.O., the less fit you are to live anywhere else."

We may have lost a few parts but, we haven't lost our heart. That is why it doesn't matter what people like Dr. Kusky say.

New Orleans-Proud to call it home.


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