29 November 2005

Wireless Internet will Blanket New Orleans

Talk about some needed good news. Mayor Nagin today announced the launch of wireless internet access in the CBD and French Quarter. The entire city will be covered within one year. This will make New Orleans the first city in the U.S. with wireless internet access. That's a tremendous message to send businesses and individuals that are debating whether to make their homes in New Orleans. However, it does seem rather ironic and premature considering that 50% of the city is still without power. Who needs power? Laptops run on batteries, right?

Well, regardless, this means that I can make my lifelong dream come true. I can take my laptop down to Big Daddy's and download porn while I watch live naked women.


At November 29, 2005 3:33 PM, Blogger Hollis P. Wood said...

Senator, why does the last sentance not surprise me?


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