08 November 2005

Photo du Jour: Flack Jacket Required KTMB +68

AB giving out some pregame love during the national anthem . . .

Tom Benson was sure smart not to take the LearJet from San Antonio to Baton Rouge to attend the Chicago Bears/Saints game this past Sunday. Tiger Stadium was like an English FA Premier League Arsenal v. Manchester United game with crazed drunken hooligans burning cars and setting the stands on fire--it was absolute chaos. Really, he and his entourage could have really been at risk being within 100 miles of there. Hell, I'm glad I wore my flack jacket and left the children home.

Of course I am being sarcastic . . .

The most threatening thing towards Mr. Benson I saw at the game? A guy holding up a banner with THE SIMPSONS Mr. Burns (equating Benson to Montgomery Burns--which is quite funny) which made a not so flattering comment about Mr. Benson eating things from his nose. In bad taste, yes. Life threatening, no. No such threats in Shangrila, I mean San Antonio, however.


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