24 September 2006

Good News: Streetcar Progress

The Mid City Neighborhood site has some new news regarding the streetcar situation. Work is underway at the Carrollton Streetcar Barn on the Riverfront Line cars (see Earl Hampton's comment on that post). Bravo. He also says the Riverfront Line cars will be repainted blue upon completion of their rehabilitation.

St. Charles Avenue Line: green streetcars
Canal Street Line: red streetcars
Riverfront Line: blue streetcars

Works for me . . .

I will try to get some pics at the barn . . .

I also noticed yesterday that the St. Charles Avenue Line overhead line work seems to be concentrated in the Lee Circle area lately. I haven't seen any work anywhere Uptown in weeks except for track work (which I think was going on right before the storm) near Jefferson Avenue.

Has it been a year since the streetcars ran? Seems like at least ten years since I heard the sound and felt the rumble . . . .

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