14 February 2006

Mississippi Gulf Coast Photos . . .

Last week I was over on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and drove most of US 90 (Beach Boulevard) in Harrison County from the base of the now-ruined Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge in Biloxi, through Gulfport and Long Beach to Downtown Pass Christian. It appeared the majority of debris has been cleared from the heavily impacted residential areas immediately adjacent to the coast, but I saw virtually no new construction or significant renovation in these areas. In Biloxi two casino barges deposited by the storm surge adjacent to US 90 are in the process of being demolished in place piece by piece. I did notice work crews at the Beau Rivage (or Reau Rivage in honor of the late-Buddy Diliberto) but the resort appears a long way off from opening. Nearly everything within two hundred yards of Mississippi Sound suffered major damage from the storm surge along the Mississippi coast--with exception to some areas fortunate enough to be built on the occasional higher ridges affronting the beach.

The THIRD BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS Mississippi Gulf Coast flickr photostream can be browsed here.

Several of the pictures in this set feature personally meaningful places to me which recall fond memories such as Mary Mahoney's, the Broadwater Beach, Magic Golf, and Marine Life . . .


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