07 February 2006

Photo du Jour: The Pass Christian Wal-Mart

Hey look . . . The storm surge of Mississippi Sound caused by Hurricane Katrina (KTMB) did to the Pass Christian Wal-Mart SuperCenter what the Wal-Mart corporation repeatedly does to the economies of towns and cities all over the United States. They both create a ruined, hollowed-out shell. How ironic.

Made it over to "the coooooooooooooast" today--from Biloxi back to Pass Christian. It's not good--most of the heavy destruction lies within several hundred yards of the beach, but the surge did also get further inland via Back Bay and some of the rivers and bayous. The intensity of damage gets worse the further west traveled, but nearly all structures within 300 yards of the Mississippi coastline (nearly 90 miles--from the Pearl River to Pascagoula) received some damage if not catastrophic damage. One exception to this is that some portions of Pass Christian and Gulfport located on higher ridges escaped the total wrath of the surge.


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