08 February 2006

Photo du Jour: Arabella Station Whole Foods

For those New Orleanians with membership in the cult of Whole Foods, a week ago today was a joyous occasion as the Arabella Station Whole Foods reopened after nearly five months of being closed. The building, a former bus and streetcar storage facility, suffered roof damage during the storm resulting in the ruining of the store's interior. The Metairie location has been open, although in a limited capacity, since December. Of course, had Whole Foods not closed their co-first store in the chain on Esplande Avenue about a year ago (not a popular move to those in the cult), they probably could have had that store opened relatively quickly since the Esplanade Ridge avoided serious flooding (assuming no roof damage). The rumor just previous to KTMB was that Harrison Avenue's Lakeview Fine Foods had acquired the former Whole Foods location and planned to open an Esplanade Avenue "mini" location. Lakeview Fine Foods was of course devastated by the flooding--their building has been gutted, but last I saw no progress had been made beyond that.

For the insiders, in the spirit of Where's Waldo, the game Where's Wejo can be played with the above picture.


At February 13, 2006 12:42 PM, Blogger Jean Lafitte said...

Why shouldn't we be True Believers™? After all, we've just witnessed a miracle. Unlike the limited-operations store in Metairie, the Arabella store came roaring back at full capacity. The exact same quality and range of selection as before KTMB.

Going in, I ran into a friend, a fellow cultist, coming out. His shopping cart was overflowing with bags stuffed with goodies. He looked at the bags with a slightly glazed expression and said, "It's just like it was before! I went berzerk!"


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