11 February 2006

MG2K6 is On: Krewe du Vieux Tonight . . .

The satiric Krewe du Vieux parades tonight in Faubourg Marigny and the Vieux Carre. The theme of this year's parade is "C'est Levee" and there is no shortage of "material" this year to parody. The annual 2006 Le Monde du Merde is worth a read--and if you're not familiar with KdV, you'll get the general idea by reading it. This year's King is Walter Williams--the creator of "Oh No" Mr. Bill. Previous KdV Kings include Al Scramuzza in 1990, GiO in 1995, Buddy Diliberto in 1997, and Ernie K-Doe in 2001.

I can recall on a cold February night in 1983 as a 12 year old seeing the precursor to the Krewe du Vieux, the Krewe of Clones, and not quite getting it. I was embarrassed to ask my dad what some of the signs and floats meant. Tonight looks to be a chilly one . . . .


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