17 February 2006

Flying the Official Flag of the City of New Orleans Shows Solidarity: We Will Persist

The Official Flag of the City of New Orleans was adopted by the Commission Council February 5, 1918 in honor of the City's Bi-Centennial. The white field is the symbol of purity in government; the blue stripe is liberty and the red is fraternity. The white field is five times as wide as the stripes of liberty and fraternity (or Union) because it is the mother of both; the combination of these three fundamental principles of good government constitutes democracy.

The three fleurs-de-lis grouped in triangular form represent the birth of New Orleans under the banner of the three fleurs-de-lis; but these having since been snatched from the blue field of the banner of autocracy, now rest upon the field of purity and equality and symbolize democracy triumphant over autocracy.The red, white and blue are the colors of the United States but are also the colors of France, and as New Orleans is the daughter of both, they are so grouped as to constitute a new and separate entity, which is now the flag of New Orleans.

-An excerpt from Raising of the Official Flag of the City of New Orleans on the City Hall, February 9, 1918.

Since Christmas, I have noticed the proliferation of New Orleans flags appearing on private residences throughout inhabited areas of the city. I am happy to see this and believe it illustrates a healthy portion of our citizen's solidarity and commitment to the future of New Orleans despite the many future uncertainties. I also think the more New Orleans flags flying on private residences in the city pounds the message to fellow locals, and more importantly to our fellow Americans from elsewhere, that we refuse to give up and New Orleans will overcome this tremendous challenge. Throughout it's 288 year history New Orleans has survived city-wide fires, disease epidemics and outbreaks, and numerous ravaging hurricanes--prior to KTMB. Overcoming natural and manmade disaster is nothing new for New Orleans--it's part of it's being.

To locals and non-locals, might I suggest purchasing an official New Orleans flag to hang at your house. Help us send a galvanized message to our country and the world that we support New Orleans and insist on a 100% full-fledged commitment to rebuild it honorably. To non-locals with family, past, or spiritual connections to New Orleans, display the flag up at your home in your town. When a neighbor or friend or passer-by asks what crazy flag you have hanging from your porch you can tell them its the official flag of New Orleans. Perhaps the flag will start a dialog in which maybe that person recalls a fond memory that took place in the city. Or maybe you have the opportunity to enlighten them of why New Orleans must unquestionably be maintained and how the federal government is obligated to make a non-half-ass commitment towards that goal. Basically, the presence of the flag can keep the non-New Orleans invested from forgetting the plight of New Orleans as news cycles continue to move on.

I bought my City of New Orleans flag two weeks ago at The Kite Shop Jackson Square. This store has been a mainstay on Jackson Square in the St. Peter Street-side Pontalba Apartment building since the mid-1970s and typifies a locally-owned business that must remain in the Vieux Carre essential to retaining the Quarter's character. I recall going to the shop in the late 1970's and early 1980s during elementary school field trips to the Cabildo and French Quarter. Help keep a long-time locally-owned business going by buying a City of New Orleans flag from them. They do have a website, but no mention of the New Orleans flags. I am sure they'd be happy to FedEx one out. If you're in the Quarter this weekend for Barkus, go see them and get a flag.

Here's their contact information:
The Kite Shop Jackson Square
542 St. Peter Street
NOLA 70116
tel: 504 524.0028


At February 18, 2006 4:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We've also gotten flags at the shop at the corner of Magazine and Jackson (near where Vera was buried) - if you're looking for a place to go without paying to park.

At February 19, 2006 7:29 AM, Blogger Mark said...

The only damn flag I'll ever fly again until GB steps up to the microphone, flanked by the leaders of the House adn Congress, to admit the failure of the levees and the appropriation of full compensation for all losses, with some extra thrown in for pain and suferring.

At February 19, 2006 7:32 AM, Blogger Seymour D. Fair said...

Ya, or buy the flag at the place at Magazine/Jackosn . . . .

Just get one.


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