17 February 2006

Six Pack of Dixie

Angus Lind writes in the TP today that the owners of the Dixie Brewery have vowed to return. Good news for locals and beer lovers all over the country. The Dixie Brewery is the last remaining old school brewery in NO. At one time there were many, Jax, Falstaff and Regal to name a few.


The Brewery took a real beating from Katrina with wind damage and as much as 10 feet of water. They have contracted for brewers in other areas to produce the beer for them, for now, and are close to a distribution deal.

The owners, the Bruno's, have been burdened with tax and financial problems since they bought the brewery in 1985. The IRS issues are now behind them they say. Kendra Bruno says they are survivors and they won't let it die.

The article doesn't get into specifics about the opening of the brewery itself, only that they say they will brew beer there again because "Dixie has so much to offer."

Next year (2007) will be the 100th anniversary of the Dixie Brewing Company. Let's hope they gets things back up and running on Tulane Ave. in time to celebrate 100yrs. I'll drink to that.


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