28 January 2006

Photo du Jour: Hubig's Pies Van in the Hinterland

On my way up to Baton Rouge the other day between the Laplace and Gramercy exits I saw the comforting and familar sight of a Hubig's Pies delivery van. This was the first time since the storm and since they've restarted baking in Faubourg Marigny that I've actually seen one out and about. I wouldn't say the Hubig's Pies vans are as iconic as the Roman Candy wagon Uptown or Lucky Dog carts in the Quarter (which have yet to return), but they're close. My hand's down favorite Hubig's Pies product is the custard pie--its shrinked wrap trangular custard wedge which even includes the cut aluminum pie tin. Hadn't changed in years.


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