07 January 2006

Map du Jour: The City of New Orleans Red Tagged "Imminent Danger of Collapse" Locations

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The above map was compiled using data presented in the Times-Picayune on Friday. Nearly 2,000 structures have been identified by city inspectors as being in "imminent danger of collapse" and have been flagged to be demolished. An analysis of the data reveals that nearly 3/4 of these are located in the Lower Ninth Ward. An additional 3,000 structures have also been targeted for demolition by city inspectors but don't have the "imminent danger of collapse" designation. Streets with more than forty red tagged IDC locations are: Deslonde Street (120+), Tennessee Street (85+), Jourdan Avenue (80+), Forstall Street, Reynes Street, Benton Street, Alabo Street, Gordon Street, Andry Street, Lizardi Street, Charbonnet Street, Lamanche Street, Flood Street, Tricou Street, North Galvez Street, and North Tonti Street.


At January 08, 2006 10:17 PM, Blogger Steve said...

Thanks for the info, I stole your map and used it on my blog. I gave you credit for it, but if I've ired you, let me know and it's gone.Again, fantastic blog.


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