05 January 2006

Angry Links of The Day

The Government That Broke New Orleans

Is the goal of the federal government to ruin New Orleans permanently? Could Texas take any more of our economy or our population? We can "rebuild" Iraq (that our country purposely destroyed) but we can't "rebuild" New Orleans, Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast? Congress is worried that the cost to rebuild KTMB-effected areas is too much? More federal money proportionately earmarked to Mississippi despite less loss? You think career lobbyist Gov. Halley Barbour has something to do with this?

Remembering Eddie Gabriel

The obvious is now unfortunately confirmed: 95 year old Pat O'Brien's institution Eddie Gabriel drowned in the post-KTMB flooding. He worked at Pat O'Briens for an amazing 67 years. The above link is a heartfelt piece written by his grandson. May have to go have a drink at Pat O's tonight for EG. Last time I saw him (and told him hello) at Pat O's was in late-July 2005 . . .

The 29 Billion Lie

As usual NOLA-expatriate Markus at Wetbank Guide hits a home run with this WTFU dose of reality. Yes, yes, and yes. Its all fun and games--and lies, lies, and lies. The Entergy thing post-KTMB is just fantastic. From what I understand Entergy is likely done with New Orleans as corporate headquarters. Just watch . . . That comfy corporate campus--the former home of sham WorldCom--sat unused in Clinton, Mississippi since WorldCom's demise a few years ago. Then Entergy moved on in "temporarily" during the "Brownie" days. You think Gov. Barbour is going to allow them to leave? A sweetened pot to remain there, perhaps? Meanwhile my monthly Entergy bill is going to surge 400% and New Orleans loses white collar jobs.


At January 06, 2006 6:33 AM, Blogger Steve said...

"Is the goal of the federal government to ruin New Orleans permanently?"

I ask (and pose) that question unceasingly, as we all should. I'm adding your blog to my links if you dont mind. Outstanding site.

At January 06, 2006 8:10 AM, Blogger Marco said...

New orleans' stuff, Eddie Gabriel.
From the heart and soul of New Orleans.

At January 06, 2006 10:35 AM, Blogger John Blutarsky said...

How unfortunate that we have lost another New Orleans icon from this disaster. Rest in Peace, Eddie.


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