29 December 2005

San Antonio has Faith in Saints Also

A foggy early morning shot of the Alamodome. Tom Benson personally asked the devil to lay a thick fog on the city so I could not get a shot of the banner. But I fooled him an got close enough.

I arrived in San Antonio last Thursday to spend Christmas with my family. While driving into town I passed the Alamodome and saw a huge banner that said "Saints Faith" with the Fleur de Lis between both words. Isn't it amazing that after all San Antonio has been through with the Saints that they still have faith in them? Wow, I really feal for the citizens of San Antonio. My heart goes out to them. We should give to them in their time of need. We should donate our creole and cajun food and culture, our jazz and rhythm and blues, Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, and The Hornets (because the Spurs just arn't enough). Give it all to them. Because after all, they've suffered horribly in recent months. They have had to endure what no city in the United States has ever gone through. They've also had years and years of suffering while their football team has played in another city and had losing season after loosing season. But, San Antonio is resilient, and they still have faith in their Saints.

Did I lay that on thick enough? By the way, on the bottom of the banner below the football, it says "City of San Antonio".


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