10 January 2006

Harry Shearer and LE SHOW and New Orleans . . .

I'm sure the first thing I saw Harry Shearer in (when I was 11 or 12) was the now-famous men's synchronized swimming bit on SNL with Martin Short. Then there was THIS IS SPINAL TAP. Both of these unquestionably influenced my (and most of my friends) long term sense of humor.

I was planning to mention Harry Shearer and his weekly radio program LE SHOW on the blog soon--but I wanted to finish listening to all of the shows over the past five months. I knew he had a radio show prior to the hurricane, but never heard it--as it does not air locally on NPR station WWNO 89.9 FM. The show however is available online in a bunch of different formats including a weekly podcast which I retrieve and listen to via iTunes. I have listened to most of the archived shows since August and he does a fantastic job to keep New Orleans "in the crosshairs" to the national audience and accurately present an almost-local's point of view (he has a home here).

The two most recent shows were recorded in New Orleans. In the latest show, he has a panel of three credible locals: Clancy DuBos (of The Gambit Weekly), Chris Rose (of The Times-Picayune), and Ti Adleaide Martin (of the Brennan Restaurant Empire). I didn't disagree with too much of what any of the four said as all gave honest, articulate assessments and opinions concerning post-KTMB New Orleans. Check it out--its worth the time . . .

This latest show (aired Sunday 8 January) can be heard here.
The iTunes podcast referral of LE SHOW is here (cut and paste link into iTunes).


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