08 January 2006

City of New Orleans Red Tagged Imminent Danger of Collapse Part Deux

Sunday morning is the best time to go grocery shopping--especially in the post-KTMB New Orleans world. On the way to "making groceries" on Tchoupitoulas, I decided to check out a few of the red tagged "IDC" structures in unflooded (and damn lucky) portions of Uptown. I wanted to see first hand what the city inspectors are catagorizing as "imminent danger of collapse" in non-flooded areas where the majority of houses came out from the storm relatively unscathed. In my opinion, it is imperative that historically signifcant structures which are salvagable must not be demolished--within reason of course. When looking at the map (and associated data) displayed in the previous post, I noticed that several of these locations are houses that burned down several days post-KTMB--for example, 15 houses at South Carrollton and Pritchard Place across from Notre Dame Seminary or 5 houses on Camp and Upperline. These fires combined burnt 20 70+ year old houses to the ground. I will be curious to see the addresses of the other 3,000 red tagged locations not in the IDC category.

8100 Block Birch Street

5200 Block Constance Street

1100 Block Dufossat Street (partly demolished)


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