26 December 2006


The New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles gave us the greatest Christmas present of them all.

The New Orleans Saints are still 5 days away from their final game, and everything is already wrapped up. The Saints are the 2 seed. I'm used to the final Saints regular season game being completely meaningless (at least for the Saints), but never like this.

We have a lot to thank the Eagles for. They took Donte' Stallworth from us and gave us a draft pick and Mark Simoneau(x) for good measure. They helped put the Panthers on their slide. They knocked the Giants from NFC East contention right before they played us. And now they beat the Cowboys and wrapped up the 2 seed for us.

I never dreamed that I'd ever utter the phrase "#2" with the Saints again and be happy about it.

And we all must remember: This time last year, the Saints were 3-12. This time last year, I'm not exaggerating when I'm saying it was a 50/50 proposition that we would lose the team. This time last year, we were pretty sure Aaron Brooks and Jim Haslett would get a mulligan because of the hurricane.

And now, here we are. Thank you, Saints. For everything.

And Merry Christmas and all the politically correct phrases to all of you. I will try to write more later. Being on a dial-up connection SUCKS.


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