05 June 2006

The New Orleans Assessor Situation-Is Everyone Paying Attention?

The Times-Picayune today has a story that a bill to consolidate our seven assessors into a parishwide one moved a step closer to reality by passing a House Panel. There is a similar bill in the senate. Neither have made it to the floor for debate yet. However, the two legislators who are repeatedly opposed to this legislation are Rep. Alex Heaton whose brother is 7th Municipal District Assessor and Rep. Jeff Arnold whose father is 5th Municipal District Assessor. I hope that everyone in their respective districts are paying attention to this. Throw these bums out. For those of you who dislike "political families", are you paying attention? This is the kind of bulls*&t that the rest of the world is looking at. If the City of Chicago can have one assessor than the City of New Orleans can have one assessor.

Both Seymour and I have posted about this before. I just want to try and make sure that everyone is still paying attention . . .

Check out Seymour's past post for details on each district. They have been in the same family for decades.


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At June 05, 2006 9:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw this AP story on wwl.com:

"BATON ROUGE -- One lawmaker from Shreveport and another from Baton Rouge would have the chance to sidestep voter-imposed term limits and run for a fourth term in the Legislature, under changes made to a bill in the Senate on Monday.

"The elections bill with a convoluted history won passage in the Senate after an alteration affecting the basic question of when a lawmaker really takes office. That change could affect whether Sen. Cleo Fields, D-Baton Rouge, and Rep. Wayne Waddell, R-Shreveport, are term-limited in 2008."

Funny how Cleo keeps on ticking.

At June 06, 2006 1:25 AM, Blogger oyster said...

Heck yes, I'm paying attention to this. It's so encouraging to see Badon's bill get beyond its committee, and have a real chance for success.


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