24 May 2006

Broadmoor Improvement Association/Urban Development Plan for Broadmoor

Broadmoor Vernacular Architecture Thumbnails


Check out the Broadmoor Improvement Association website to view a first-run draft of the Urban Development Plan for Broadmoor . The flood-stricken Broadmoor neighborhood, similar to other New Orleans neighborhoods such as Gentilly and Mid City, has come together on their own (not waiting for the federal government, the state government--the Louisiana Recovery Authority--or the city government) to start planning the neighborhood's future with the aid of both design professionals and related academia. Sections of the 58 slide powerpoint presentation are Orientation (location in the city, etc.), Existing Conditions (an inventory/analysis), and Future Vision (i.e. the plan). Take a look.

Also, of note: An open-house/presentation/Q&A is being held this afternoon showcasing a flooded bungalow currently being rebuilt on Walmsley Avenue. The cost is five dollars per person and all proceeds go to the Preservation Resource Center. Here are the details.

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