02 May 2006

The Reggie Bush Conspiracy Theory

They're slowly starting to creep about over the Internet, if you know where to look. Apparently, the NFL worked its magic to make sure Reggie Bush got to New Orleans, a team and a city that desperately needed a savior. Now I'll warn you: I buy a lot of these conspiracy theories, because they make too damn much sense. But this one has a lot of conflicting information. Judge for yourself:
  1. The Reggie Bush house story was intentionally leaked right before the draft to raise doubt about his character in the minds of the Houston Texans.
  2. Texans G.M. Charley Casserly may have intentionally tanked the pick, because he wants to be released from his job. He has an eye on the commissioner job or a major NFL executive position when Paul Tagliabue retires later this year. If he played ball right here, the league might remember that when it makes its decision.
  3. Paul Tagliabue desperately wants the Saints to succeed in New Orleans. So to ensure that (and keep Tom Benson out of Los Angeles), he rigged the draft to make sure Reggie Bush fell to #2.
  4. The NFL wanted Reggie Bush in New Orleans because when the team fails and moves to Los Angeles, it will already have one of the league's most marketable players.

Now, there are many reasons why I'm not sure about this one:

  1. You wouldn't throw the entire USC program and possibly Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy under the bus just to rig a draft.
  2. If Charlie Casserly wants to be commissioner, he doesn't need to be fired from his current job. He would still need to be approved by the rest of the league too.
  3. I don't think the league would make Reggie Bush flounder in the league's "worst market" (the media's terms, not mine), just to get him to L.A. in three years.
  4. Wouldn't it have made the MOST SENSE to make sure he got to New York? I thought for sure that, if any conspiracy theories were going to materialize, it would be that one: the league makes us trade with the Jets. That's probably where he wanted to go anyway.

I am just going to keep my head in the sand and say that we got him because we were lucky and the Texans were just stupid.

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