30 April 2006

New Orleans Saints Draft Day 2: Who the %&#@ Are These Guys?

Seriously. No really seriously. What the hell is going on? My comments:

All the players are projects. Even more than normal than for 2nd day picks.

Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis must be the only people satisfied with the linebacking corps.

The pick I like the most was Mike Hass. But he's probably a 3rd-down possession receiver at best. It's nice to have one, because you can't depend on Stallworth on 3rd down.

Most of these guys were drafted well below where most of the "experts" had them going.

Hell, a couple of our guys were projected to be undrafted free agents according to what I read.

I'm glad Payton is trying to clean house of Haslett's scumbags, but these guys had better have the character of Eagle Scouts.

WHAT I LIKED: Reggie Bush, trading down to get two starters (Jeff Faine, Hollis Thomas).
WHAT I DISLIKED: Just about everything else
FINAL THOUGHTS: Of course, you never know. Experts are always wrong. But it sure seemed like there were much better players on the board every time we were up. We had better get more offensive tackles and linebackers in free agency. We still need them. Badly.

Here's the LINK to the Saints website. There a further link to player bios on it.

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At May 01, 2006 6:22 AM, Blogger Mr. Clio said...

Apparently we are allergic to drafting linebackers, especially good ones.

Outside of Bush, this left me clueless. I hope they're right.\

Hass is indeed an intriguing pick.

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