04 May 2006

Mayor Nagin Pitching South Carrollton and Earhart Intersection

On my way to work this morning as I approached the intersection of South Carrollton and Earhart I came across groups of Nagin campaign volunteers on the side of the street and in the neutral ground wearing "Our Mayor" shirts and holding signs donning the same slogan. The light turned red and I stopped--and out from the sidewalk came Mayor Nagin himself into the intersection handing out brochures and shaking hands to each of the cars first in each lane. As he approached my car, I stuck my camera out of the sunroof and took the above pictures. When he came to my car window I took his brochure and shook his hand. Mayor Nagin asked me for my vote. I seriously considered--but decided not to--asking him which idiot political consultant instructed him to make "the" comment. (I personally didn't think he needed a racial divide to win this election, but perhaps I'm incorrect in that belief. I also initially thought "the" comment was a foot-in-mouth Naginism, but have since determined instead it was calculated.) I should have also told him he had my vote in both 2002 elections, but would not be getting it in either of the 2006 ones. He had me and then he lost me--and he hadn't lost me until January 2006. Nearly everyone I know follows this same rationale.

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